Bonus & resolutions

It is fair to say that I have yet to get the grip to this blogging thing. I shall make it one of my resolutions for the new year ahead. To be better at blogging. 

The past few months have been rather manic in the office. Had so much to organise, so many loose ends to tie so I could finally go on a long break. By long break, I really mean long break. Since I haven’t really been able to get much time off except for the time off I took so I could get married, it was a long overdue break. But here I am, on a break. I’ve only dealt with some work related crisis twice since I’ve left the office (had to do it on the sly so my ever-so-patient-husband wouldn’t tell me off…). I must say it’s been great to get away from London, to go somewhere warm, surrounded by water, with no phone ringing, no crazy demands, and various cocktails being brought to me at regular intervals – this is the life. Well not really otherwise I might come back to London in time to join the AA and ask for a new liver. 

This break has been a long time coming. Not least because I was close to blow my fuse in the office. See there’s that thing called the Christmas bonus, This is what keeps most of the staff going (we have our appraisal in June with the possibility of a pay rise, but we get our yearly bonus in time for Christmas). So, I’m not sure if you’re familiar with National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, but I had a bonus worthy of Clark Griswold’s

Well when I got the envelope I had pretty much the same reaction,except that I wasn’t planning in my head how I would pay for my swimming pool, I was more planning how I would repay my credit card and buy my red kitchenaid… so to open the card and see I had a £25 voucher for some local store stunned me to silence. Dare I say that one of my boss was standing right beside me and had told me to open the envelop in front of him so he could see my reaction. Now I should be in line to get some sort of award for making it look like I was overjoyed by it (so overjoyed I was speechless actually). 

Now my parents didn’t raise me to be an ungrateful swine, so I was thankful for this and I did say thank you. However, I’d like to point out that I bought all my bosses a lovely bottle of wine (as I do every year) and chocolates, which in balance would have been a nicer thing to get than a £25 voucher for a store where the cheapest thing cost around £50. 

I was just miffed that after all my hard work, all the unpaid overtime I did, all the things I put up with, the only “thanks Bree for your hard work” was that. In all honesty, it’s not even about the fact that it was worth £25, I’d have been happier with a handwritten card that said “thanks Bree, you work hard and we realise that”.

My payrise post appraisal was already a let down, so I was living in hope that the bonus would make up for it. I was a fool. Again.

so I’ll say this now, on top of being better at blogging, in 2014 I’m going to stick to a strict new regime of working for the clock, in at 8,30am, out at 5pm with a full lunch hour break taken away from the office, and I’ll stop bringing the goodies. By re-claiming my own time, I’ll therefore have time to blog and bake my moustache shaped goodies. And all will be right in my world.

On that note, it’s time for me to get ready to hit the beach!