Who doesn’t like Buns?

So what follows is rather crazy, apparently I am meant to keep super quiet about it for a while, because I could jinx it, because things could go wrong, because well just because.

I have just about told my husband because I just found out by accident that this is what’s happening…


If you’re not as floored by what this could mean as my husband was, you’ll hopefully get the meaning of ‘a bun in the oven’. To say he was baffled by why there was a lone bun in the oven doesn’t even quite cover it.

So in get I have to spell it out like I sort of had to with my husband yes, if you moustache, I am pregnant

This is an utter shock but a much much bigger joy. I can’t even quite begin to explain it. Again, it’s early days, and I have to keep this a secret to pretty much everyone I know, work with etc. But at the same time, I just want to shout it on every roof tops!

So in a few months, touch wood all goes well, we will have a lil person. Will it be a boy? A girl? Could it be a set of twins (it runs in both our families…). All I want at this stage, is for them to be healthy. The rest, bah, we’ll figure it out. In the meantime, this is our secret, you’re in on the good news.

And boy I can’t wait to leave work and go on maternity leave 😊

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