Lavender macaroons

I’ve read somewhere that one thing that helps pregnant women with morning sickness is lavender based cookies. So we my husband has been in a mission to find some. It’s really hard and I mean realllly hard to find them.

So after days of going out of my mind and driving my husband insane about this, I decided to do something about it. After all, I like baking right?

So with the help of my husband, I managed to make some Lavender macaroons. It’s not worse than making plain macaroons, the hardest part was to get the lavender extract because finding lavender flowers in February is just not happening.


I will need to bake another batch so I can do a step by step picture/recipe combo, because once they were baked well they were pretty much eaten. And I tell you, not sure if it’s because I convinced myself that these lavender confections would stop me from paying my homages to the Porcelain Goddess for a full hour, but it worked.

So I’m happy šŸ˜Š

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