Slacking a bit…

Hello there

I haven’t posted in a while yet I have been busy in the kitchen. I’ve done various compotes (that’s cooked fruits purée in English), I’ve made some Beignets (that’s some deep fried pastries), I even made a Millennium Falcon!

I just haven’t had a chance to post due to being sooooooo tired. Pregnancy is exhausting! Work is really busy, and it seems that long hours in the office conflict with my need of naps and long sleep. Something had to give and sadly it was this blog. Sorry.

I need to eat something then I’ll post a massive catch up thing with my baking fare and the stories behind them.

I must say that my palate and taste buds are a bit completely all over the place. I’m not enjoying chocolate much, but I can’t get enough of cod fish (even though my husband would have to bribe me with the choice of a lovely dessert to make me eat fish because I really do not like fish and fishy stuff ). I’m also very much following the stereotype of the pregnant lady eating gherkins like there’s no tomorrow…

We got to see the lil one this week, she/he was moving about in their own swimming pool, having some hiccups too. Quite possibly the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m still not over the fact that even though they are about the size of a big lime, we could see their toes and fingers. Right enough about the baby talk.

Right, I need to get spinach, then I’ll be able to talk cakes!

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