Nutella, I love you

I have a thing for Nutella. Always had, suite possibly always will.

Baby hasn’t let me eat chocolate in weeks, but I’ve found out this morning that Nutella isn’t making me queasy.

As such, I had to see if I could do something with Nutella that would be both easy and delicious.

This is how the Nutella Brownie Cake came up. I made it with:
📌2 eggs
📌1 cup of plain flour (but should have used self rising flour)
📌1 cup 1/2 of Nutella
📌1/2 tsp vanilla paste

I mixed the flour & eggs first to avoid having any lumps, then I added the vanilla paste, and finally the Nutella.

I poured it into a round dish, in the over at 175 degrees Celsius for 22min

And voila:


I guess it can be cut in small pieces, just as brownies would, possibly with vanilla ice cream…

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