Howdee all,

My taste buds are acting up these days, things I looove now make my stomach do somersaults, things I never liked, well nothing new there. Baking isn’t really happening for this reason. That’s the joy of morning all day sickness.

So the one thing I can manage to do mostly because it doesn’t require much effort and is packed of awesome things is soup. Continue reading


I work right next to the Gates of Hades

Righty-o it’s Monday, and Mondays are always a bit meh.

But what makes today even more meh is that the pipes that drain the toilet waste of the entire building are blocked and are turning the entire office into The Bog of Eternal Stench Continue reading


Crêpes are the French equivalent to pancakes, except that they are bigger but thinner. If you do it fight, they look a bit like dentelle or lace in English.

That’s one of my go to thing to make in the morning as it’s fairly easy and doesn’t require too much thinking other than : no matter what do not touch the flat pan with your finger and wait a few minutes before eating your first crêpe or you’ll feel the burn. Continue reading

When a baking disaster become a tarte aux poires


That’s a sort of made up tarte…

There are days when you know, in your heart of heart, that the Baking Fairies are in a playful mood.

I wanted to bake another lovely Galette des Rois, only because, I wanted to get some friends to try it, since it’s a very French dessert, and they’re not used to that (and I only bake it in January…) Continue reading

In a Galaxy Far Far Away…


Oh my goodness me! You’ve got to check out Lakeland!! They’re selling a fair few StarWars baking things that will delight all StarWars fans! I believe I mentioned I was going to bake a Millennium Falcon cake for my anniversary next month, so I’ll be able to hopefully showcase it then.

I’m beyond excited with all of these things! I mean who wouldn’t want to tuck into a Wookie Cookie? Just typing that is enough to make me giggle. Wookie Cookie he he 😊

I just can’t wait to get baking. Also a trip to Lakeland’s store in Westfield Shopping Centre is definitely called for after work tonight!

Sweet Charity

Today I decided to look into my walk-in closet the spare bedroom where all my clothes are kept. Typing this make it sound like I have a ginormous amount of clothes, although I’d like to add that i use the spare bedroom like some would use an airing cupboard : it is where the drying contraptions are, the ironing board, and my clothes (along with those of my husband) tend to be kept in there, on the spare bed or on the makeshift wardrobe thing (doesn’t sound half as glamourous, but tis the truth). Anyhow, I decided to look into that for two reasons: Continue reading