Do not make bread when you were a ring

This is the lesson of the day. If you want to make a bread loaf, make sure you remove your ring(s) when it’s time to knead the dough. You’ll get dough trapped into your ring and it’ll be next to impossible to get all the bits of dough out of your ring.

Watching the Great British Bake Off on the iPlayer, I missed it on Tuesday, I got inspired and decided to make my own loaf of bread. I made a rather fancy gluten free white loaf. I just didn’t quite think it through as I didn’t have a rectangular tin, so it’s round. And rough looking. It’s currently cooling on the rack. I’m not sure what it will taste like though. I think it’ll go well with some cheese, or a soup? or maybe I’ll wait until the morning and toast it? I don’t know just yet, I just hope it’ll be tasty. 

But first, I’d better give another go at cleaning up my wedding ring!