I’ve finally got my wi-fi back woohoo! And so to celebrate, I decided that it was time to tidy up the front garden while my other half got what we’d need for a barbecue, starting with buying a barbecue thingy.

I’ve sorted out the bedding, planting an almost neat row of lavender plants and I got a lovely terracotta planter to put on the window sill with 2 different type of lavender plants already in bloom.

We picked lavender because we both love lavender, it smells like summer, it’s pretty and it’s bees friendly.

We love bees. Bees however are a very endangered specie, there aren’t a as many bees these days as there should be. I am fond of bees because without them, you don’t get pretty flowers and honey. I love honey. I love flowers. So I’m trying to do my bit to help out the bees.

As Sod’s law would have it, the sooner I was done with my gardening fun & husband ready to get on with the barbecue, it started raining…