Weird cravings

Well, it’s not so much ‘weird’ more ‘out of character’ cravings.

It ranged from gherkins dipped in Philadelphia cream cheese, to Easy Mac, to avocado & banana.

Most of the time, I can’t explain where it’s coming from. I just suddenly have to have that particular thing. I must give some major kudos to my husband for always finding a way to bring me what I want. I’m assuming that the best policy otherwise I simply won’t shush about it for hours.

These days, I still have a weird fondness for fish (which I usually cannot abide), and fortunately, the nausea seems to be well and truly gone. I’m not going to lie, I’m glad I can eat and enjoy food. Although some smells still make my stomach do various flips (tobacco, any lynx male spray, Chanel N•5…) all in all I’m feeling fine.

Hard to think that I’m almost half way through with this pregnancy. Well not so hard to accept it when I try to get dressed and my regular shorts have now become crop tops and when I try to lace up my shoes!

I promise I’ll post something baking related soon, but right now, it’s avocado & banana time!

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