I have completely forgotten that I was meant to type something in there. Durr!

So about me, well, I’m Bree (or Brie, like one of the greatest cheese ever), which is short for Bob (kidding), short for Sabrina, which is a name I really don’t like. I hail from France but live in London. I’m happily married, not yet with children or pets, and I have been working for the “Man” (corporate company in the heart of London) for many years now. I’m still adjusting to the British way of life, and I’m currently trying to get used to being married and being called Madam instead of Mademoiselle.

I’m hoping to be able to quit my job and start my own business which would involve cakes and moustaches (hence the name). I’m using this blog to gain some sort of perspective on my current life, I will try not to sound too much like a spoilt brat and keep it light, like a chocolate mousse.

I like cakes, moustaches, playing drums, playing boardgames, hiking, travelling, reading, going to the theatre, writing and Disney movies.

I don’t like white chocolate, overly spicy food, fish that taste too fishy, stupidity, rudeness, candy crush type of game that I can never win, getting cold calls, and restaurant that have coq au vin on the menu but serve chicken in wine instead.

I’m very fond of old stuff, like Art Deco, I love museums, I love that I get to learn new things everyday about the English language and English speaking countries, I think I can say that I’m generally a happy chirpy kind of gal and I do try my best to see the glass as half full.

I think that’s it really.

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